Generic Device Management

Remote device management via TR-069 (CWMP)

Remote device management by Axiros as professional solution used by largest telecom companies in the world is now available for everyone thanks no only as premise solution, but also as cloud service. It is up to you to decide which options fits your needs. If you want to increase satisfaction of your customers and deliver superb services, feel free to come to us with your requirements anytime.


Operators globally


Million connected devices
Device independent

Device independent

It doesn’t matter which device you want to monitor. We are able to connect any device via any protocol.

  • Any device
  • Any number
  • Any protocol
  • Any service
  • Any time
Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

It doesn’t have to take forever to connect new customers. Just plug the device to your network and save time with configuration, settings and monitoring. Everything will be done automatically.

  • Zero touch provisioning
  • CWMP support
  • TRx compliant
  • Firmware management
  • Remote configuration
Superior quality of service

Superior quality of service

Monitoring and reporting capabilities will help you predict potential problems in your network and solve most of the customer requirements. Our solutions is flexible and scalable, we are able to connect to your systems such as OSS/BSS and it will grow with your network.

  • Monitoring KPI
  • Reporting
  • 3rd party integration
  • High availability
  • Scalability

Want to see more?

Automatic Provisioning Of Complex Services

  • Zero-Touch
  • Captive Portals
  • Multiple-Play ( HSI, VoIP, IPTV )
  • Device & Service Inventory

Management Of All Kinds Of Devices

  • Simple xDSL Remote Gateways (RG)
  • Set-Top boxes (STBs) alongside the RG
  • Cable Modems
  • FttX ONTs
  • Complex Business Routers (BR)

Quality Of Experience Management

  • Better decision making with analytics and reporting
  • Proactive problem identification
  • Analysis on service utilization
  • Integrated quality dashboard across network elements

Southbound Interoperability For:

  • Vendor-independent management of TR-069 capable devices
  • Support of multi-vendor device strategies
  • Integration of the legacy base of non-TR-069 devices
  • Management of the Connected Home

OSS/BSS Integration

  • Customer care and billing
  • Order management systems to enable end-to-end service delivery
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Network inventory
  • Network and performance management

Heterogeneous Access Environments:

  • xDSL and FttX
  • WiMax, 3G and LTE
  • HFC
  • VSAT

We Optimize Wi-Fi Experience

Several different aspects affect the performance of a Wi-Fi network. Above all, it can interfere with the wave signal from nearby wireless networks. This worsens both network quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Carrier WiFi performance visualization for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band
  • Proactive WiFi performance analytics
  • Automated WiFi issue fixing in complex network ecosystems
  • Improve WiFi QoE within the digital home and businesses

The most significant costs associated with a service are the ongoing costs of operations and maintenance. Wi-Fi performance is affected by a number of factors such as noise, co-channel interference (CCI), adjacent channel interference (ACI) and others. Axiros is optimizing CCI/ACI and maintains best possible Wi-Fi service quality in high-density ecosystems via

  • Proactive Wi-Fi performance analysis and visualisation
  • Identification of Wi-Fi performance bottlenecks
  • Wi-Fi service outage / performance alarms
  • Corrective action recommendations for CSRs
  • Automated corrective actions in real-time
  • Fully integrated with service provider systems
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